Florida homes for sale in addition to across the country are experiencing an upward trend in home affordability, which is a great opportunity for people who are looking to buy homes in Fort Lauderdale as well as anywhere in Florida. Florida homes for sale specifically 43,125 have been sold in the second quarter alone. Which is an increase of almost 1,000 home sales in comparison to the previous year.

In the local markets existing South Florida home sales are taking an upward turn. In Miami home sales rose 73 percent, a big upward turn in the second quarter. West Palm Beach however has only experienced an eight percent increase. Cabot Homes Group is very pleased that Fort Lauderdale home sales have experienced an increase of 38 percent from last years second quarter. South Florida homes are overall doing very well for the second quarter in comparison to the year-ago second quarter.

While sales for South Florida Homes are on the rise median prices have fallen properties in Fort Lauderdale as well as Miami have both fallen 35 percent. Which is right on par with the statewide prices, which have fallen 38 percent from the previous year. With the decline prices down and tax credits for  home buyers, it has become an excellent time to buy a home.  The Cabot Homes Group currently boasts the highest listing volume in Remax partners in South Florida, providing the most options in your search for a first or new home.

When searching Fort Lauderdale real estate Cabot Homes is here to help you find your dream home.